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Sign up and enjoy this social football platform that let you challenge your friends and football fans on games scores. Enjoy it !!



  1. Login (or Sign Up) and then click on "Add new group".

  2. Create your own group. It could be free or with the contribution of all to the jackpot.

  3. Invite your friends or whoever you want. Send them the group name and password

  4. Enter your predictions.


  1. Login (or Sign Up) and then search for the group you want to join. Select it.

  2. To subscribe to this group, you should enter group password.

  3. Enter your predictions (if it is a group that requires entrance fee, you have to pay it).

Soccer Field

You need to know:

  1. Before the World Cup starts, each participant must enter all the results of the group phase and all the teams that will advance to next rounds (round of 16, quarters, semifinals and the champion).

  2. All the predictions have to be made (or modified) up to 3 hours before the World Cup kick off.

  3. Standings will be shown by group of friends, by country and in a general table.

  4. Winners of free groups will earn fame and glory.

  5. Winners of groups with entrance fee will earn the jackpot* !!! (* The equivalent of the total paid by group participants, subtracting 3.8% of credit card processing. It will be paid by bank transfer, Pay Pal, Revolut or Credit card. )

You will also compete with our community and thus prove your football expertise worldwide.


How to win ?

The winner of each Ppenca group will be the player who has won more points at the end of Qatar 2022. How ?

GROUP PHASE. To accumulate points, players must guess the result of each match.

- 10 points  Total success (you predict Spain 2 Qatar 1 and the game end exactly like this)

- 7 points You guess the winner and also the goal difference between both teams (you predict Spain 2 Qatar 1 and Spain won 1-0 or 3-2 or 4-3 or 5-4..., also if you predict 0-0 and the game ended 1-1, 2-2, ...)

- 5 points if you predict the winner correctly (you predict Spain 2 Qatar 1 and Spain win but with a different goal difference)

- 2 points if only the goals scored by one of the two teams are successfull (at least you have predict correctly the number of goals of one of the teams).

In NEXT ROUNDS, points will be accumulated for each team you predict and in fact qualifies to the next round.

- 5 points for each team you predict and advance to the round of 16

- 10 points for each team you predict and advance to the quarterfinals

- 20 points for each team you predict and advance to the semi-final

- 40 points for hitting the champion.

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